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Retail Payments
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Krung Thai Bank: From government to private deposits
Date: Feb 02, 2016   |   Author: Research | Research Note
State enterprises form one of the largest customer segments of Krung Thai Bank. But this does not confine the bank, as it enters the nongovernment retail deposit market driven by a mix of competitive pricing and products, process innovation, and a strong branch network.
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Indonesia: Bank Central Asia and Bank Mandiri—Spurring retail loans and exploring digital lending
Date: Jan 06, 2016   |   Author: Shenming Wang | Research Note
Formal financial institutions have connected only 22% of the Indonesian population. A huge potential for the financial sector still needs to be explored, and digitised lending, which combines retail banking with financial technology, should be a future solution.
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Hong Kong banks: increasing retail operations under a tighter regulatory regime
Date: Jan 05, 2016   |   Author: Shenming Wang | Research Note
Hong Kong’s economy remains sound but the Hong Kong Monetary Authority is tamping down property loans and issuance of long-term personal loans. With the stricter regulations, the challenge for Hong Kong banks is not asset quality but pricing.
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From building digital capabilities to digital transformation
Date: Aug 30, 2015   |   Author: Research | Research Note
Banks are integrating new technologies into their core businesses to improve their digital banking presence and speed-to-deliver

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